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Program Options

Barton Online provides you the opportunity to complete an Associate Degree online or a variety of Certificate Programs. Courses taken at other colleges and universities, plus any military and/or work experience, may be applied towards degree completion requirements at Barton. A minimum of 15 credit hours are required from Barton for degree completion. No matter what educational and career goals you have, Barton can help you to achieve them. Learn more about program options below!

Degree and Certificate Programs

Barton's online degree and certificate programs are designed to provide specific career education that positions you for success in the workplace. Research indicates that many of these careers will experience tremendous growth in coming years, and that they offer the benefits of good salary and a good quality of life. Additionally, many of these programs can save you time and money by preparing you in a shorter amount of time to get a job and begin your career.

Degree Options

Barton offers the following degree options:

Associate in Arts (A.A.)
Associate in Science (A.S.)
Associate in General Studies (A.G.S.)
Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S)

Read more about Barton's degree options and general education courses. (This link will redirect you to the main Barton website.)

Certificates Options

Barton's certificate options adhere to the following formats:

CERT1 - Certificate Program - 16-29 hours
CERT2 - Certificate Program - 30-44 hours
CERT3 - Certificate Program - 45-59 hours

Training Opportunities at Barton 

Though not online, Barton offers multiple options for Short-Term Training OpportunitiesSpecialized and Military Training opportunitiesHazardous Materials and Emergency Management Training and OSHA Safety at our campus locations. (This link will redirect you to the main Barton website.)